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Millions of tourists flock to Greece every year to discover the unrivaled landscapes, the cleanest seas in the world, the sophisticated accommodation infrastructure, the wide choice of leisure activities, and the encounter with one of the friendliest and warmest people. Greece is a prime destination for holidays.

But not only.

The diversity of stunning and photogenic landscapes, the mild climate and the quality of light combined with highly experienced crews, top quality equipment rentals and laboratories, make Greece a prime destination for any audiovisual production, able to accommodate a great variety of visual projects, from modern to period, from commercial to fiction:​

This video is courtesy of George Panousopoulos and Filmiki sa


Contrary to common belief, Greece is not only about the turquoise- blue seashores and golden sand dunes. Rocky coasts and volcanic islands, lakes, rivers and gorges, fertile valleys, oak-tree forests, serpentine roads and cliffs, snow-capped mountains and ski slopes provide Greece with an unmatched landscape. The romantic nature of autumn, the melancholic tones of winter, the refreshing character of spring and carefree feeling of summer, make Greece is an ideal place for any type of filming, throughout the year.


Architecture ranges from wonderful hillside stone-built villages to sun-drenched fishing harbors, from whitewashed Cycladic island houses to Venetian influenced architecture, from archeological sites and ancient monuments to Byzantine castles and monasteries, from medieval fortresses to modern cities, including Athens, a vibrant metropolis with a cosmopolitan ambiance. Greece’s capital and its numerous dispersed resorts, have a bustling daily activity, high fashion districts, vibrating night life, luxury interiors, villas and island mansions.


Greece with its year round sunny Mediterranean climate boasts ideal outdoor shooting conditions. Bathed almost 290 days in sunshine, the climate in Greece is typically Mediterranean; with mild and rainy winters, warm and dry summers, and generally long sunshine almost all the year. Rainfall in the winter, does not last a lot of days and the sky does not remain cloudy for several consecutive days. Greece’s popular shooting locations receive a minimum of 8 hours daylight during winter, and reach up to 12 hours during late spring, summertime, and early autumn.


The filmmaker’s lens in Greece captures a light creating various hues of blue depending on the hour of the day. Sunrise and sunset when the horizon blends with the sea are truly magic hours.


Located within a few hours from all European capitals, several international and budget airlines service flights to Greece. Additionally, its ever expanding network of transportation systems, including highways, air and sea routes, have made crew travel to shooting destinations considerably less time-consuming.


Full camera packages (e.g. 35mm, S16mm, RED Epic, Alexa etc), light, sound and grip equipment, are available in the various rental houses in Greece to meet your specific needs.


Providing full services for both image and sound, from the shooting needs till the final film, Greek laboratories bring the highest quality to your audiovisual project.


Professional, experienced and English-speaking crew is easy to find in Greece. Carrying the experience of various films already shot in Greece (among them The Two Faces of January, Bourne Identity, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Mama Mia!), and also involved in many international co-productions, a variety of Line Producers, DoPs, Productions Managers, set designers and anything your project might require, can be met with quality, punctuality and focus on its specific needs.

This video is courtesy of George Panousopoulos and Filmiki sa

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